inStriv History

In June of 2013, Dr. Jamie Leighow and his wife, JoAnise, saw a need in their local community for a natural and sustainable weight loss program in the hopes of helping those who suffered with medical issues because of their weight. A weight loss division was established within Twin Hills Health Center with a vision to provide the right tools, nutritional guidance, and clinical support to assist our clients in reaching their optimal health and wellness goals. From those humble beginnings, we continued to grow and thrive, serving even more of North Central PA by opening a second satellite office in 2018 and separating weight loss into its own entity, Twin Hills Weight Loss, LLC. 

In 2020, as the face of healthcare changed and treating clients virtually became a necessary reality, Twin Hills Weight Loss would not only rise to the challenge of continuing to serve our existing clientele but would branch out into its own growing, thriving entity. Our weight loss division expanded from a local resource to a national weight loss solution servicing a whole new family of clients across the country. inStriv was born. Our goal and passion remain the same – to help our clients reach their best health, attain their ultimate wellness and thrive in every area of their lives.

The inStriv Difference

Research shows a higher percentage of body fat greatly increases a person’s risk of developing many diseases – including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and many more.   

But with so many opinions regarding the best way to lose weight and reduce the risks of these diseases, people can get confused on what truly works to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.  

The truth is, not all weight loss programs are created equal.  Most plans fail to address anti inflammatory principals.  That’s why we created inStriv – a program focused on achieving lifelong results with the powerful combination of physical, physiological, and psychological elements.   

inStriv is a total mind and body wellness approach to weight loss. 

At inStriv, our specialized team creates customized meal plans for each individual client built upon a solid nutritional foundation.  Our menus include a variety of regular healthy foods you can purchase at any local grocery store.  And because we are the furthest thing from those one-size-fits-all types of weight loss programs, each plan is uniquely designed to adapt to your individual dietary needs or health concerns.  

But we don’t stop there…… 

At inStriv, we understand that achieving successful weight loss encompasses so much more than just changing what you eat! 

Our team of inStriv Specialists will help identify physiological signs that your body may be fighting to store fat instead of burning it.  By identifying any underlying issues with your body chemistry, including factors such as –  pH level, Hormonal imbalances,  Leptin Resistance, and Chronic Inflammation, we can design a customized plan that will help to restore a more natural, healthy body chemistry, while increasing your metabolism!   

And because inStriv is a natural program, we accomplish this without the use of any medications, injections, or stimulants!       

Thousands of inStriv clients have 

  • Quickly reached their goal weight 
  • Reduced or eliminated medications 
  • Prevented or reversed  disease process in their bodies 
  • Increased their mobility 
  • Decreased their pain 

See the inStriv difference for yourself! We’re ready to help you take the first step on your weight loss journey and help your health, your wellness, and your life! 

Meet the inStriv Team

JoAnise Leighow

With a passion to help others lead a healthy lifestyle, JoAnise earned her Therapeutic Weight Loss certification and worked alongside her husband Dr. Jamie Leighow, to start a weight loss division within his medical practice. Since 2014 they have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off with a natural, sustainable weight loss program. JoAnise strives to live out these same ideals in her personal life with her husband, daughter (Jayden) and son (Justus).

Diane Freynik

Diane is a graduate of The Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Food and Hospitality Management, and a specialization in Culinary Arts. She became focused on weight loss and nutrition after the birth of her third son – a pregnancy that left her 60 pounds heavier. Knowing how hard weight loss can be, Diane is passionate about nutrition, health, and wellness, and empathic with our clientele, as she has walked in their shoes. Diane is a certified Therapeutic Weight Loss Specialist and the host of The inStriv Fat Loss Podcast where she shares weekly expert advice on nutrition and weight loss.

Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources from Ashford University. With four children of her own, she knows a foundation of good nutrition, health, and wellness are a priority; and as a former gymnastics coach, she was also able to share with her students the importance of maintaining overall good health. Jessica is certified in weight loss counseling as a Therapeutic Weight Loss Expert and enjoys seeing our clients make healthy changes in their lives.

Abby Wiles

Abby earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from West Chester University in 2020 and passed her RD exam shortly after. Abby has always had a passion for nutrition and wellness and has always made this a priority in her own life. This led to her love and passion of guiding other’s in reaching their health goals. In her free time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Laura Lowmiller

With her focus having been emergency medicine as a registered nurse, Laura Lowmiller is dedicated to helping clients navigate the incredibly crowded and confusing wellness space through her knowledge of nutrition with medication management. Laura is passionate about delivering science-based research with practical and safe methods that are easy to apply to every day living. Laura and her husband have two small boys.

Mary Beth Tranovich

Mary Beth began her career path as a Registered Dietitian by earning her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Immaculata University, followed by a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Marywood University. After six years of schooling and passing her RD Examination in 2020, Mary Beth earned her status as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and began her passion for Nutrition counseling and coaching. She is dedicated to positively impacting others through her knowledge of food and nutrition. Mary Beth enjoys running, baking, and spending time with her husband on their family’s farm and homestead.