Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me to lose weight. What makes inStriv different?

  • inStriv is not a diet, it is a long-term lifestyle change. We focus on helping you learn the right foods in the right portions to build the foundation of your healthy meal plan. In addition to good nutrition, the inStriv plan will help identify and overcome physiological weight loss “blocks” you may be experiencing! Issues with hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, high acidity levels, or a slow and sluggish metabolism can make weight loss feel nearly impossible! We understand that weight loss is about more than just what you are putting in your mouth. We get to the heart of WHY diets haven’t been working for you, then customize a plan that FINALLY WILL!

Do I have to eat pre-packaged foods or microwave meals?

  • NO! InStriv is completely based on regular foods you can find at your local grocery store.

Do I have to take medications or supplements? 

  • InStriv does not use any medications as a part of our weight loss program. Our plans are customized and may suggest the use of certain supplements. Our supplements are all-natural with the highest-grade blends of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in their most absorbable forms! Our supplements are excellent for filling in nutritional gaps to help your body run and feel its best. Your inStriv Specialist will discuss which if any supplements are right for you at the time of your consultation.

What if I have health concerns? Would this still work for me?

  • InStriv offers completely customized programs. Because we are not a “one-size-fits-all” type of plan, we have the ability, and experience needed, to work with a wide variety of health concerns and dietary restrictions. Our staff includes both Dieticians and Medical professionals. Our plans are individually customized, and reviewed thoroughly to ensure the highest safety standards are followed for every client, every time.

I do not eat meat and follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Can I still follow this plan?

  • Yes! InStriv can be customized to fit most specialized dietary needs.

Will my coaching be done by a real person? Or is it an automated online response type of system?

  • InStriv coaches are real live people. There will be no auto-generated robotic responses or copy-paste answers given. You will always be speaking to a live qualified professional member of our staff.

Is this basically a no carb or Keto type of diet?

  • No way! We love carbs! Your body needs carbs to function at its best. Eliminating an entire essential food group is NOT the answer! Instead, we will focus on teaching you how to eat the right carbs in the right portions to get THE BEST results!

What about exercise?

  • InStriv is a no-exercise-required plan. While we certainly do not discredit the importance of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle, we understand that not everyone has the ability to exercise for a wide variety of reasons. InStriv works by building a stronger metabolic system, and enabling your body to burn fat like never before through your food choices alone!

Did you know that 90% of weight loss comes from the foods you eat, and only about 10% is a result of physical activity? Due to this fact, while we would never discourage anyone from participating in an exercise plan, it is not a requirement for you to lose weight with inStriv. 

When I stop following the inStriv Diet, will I just gain all my weight back?

  • No way! Remember, inStriv is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change! We want to help you reach your goal weight, but we also want to teach you how to keep your body at that weight for life! Every plan we design includes maintenance. When the time comes, our team of experts will teach you how to safely add a variety of foods back into your diet without seeing the scale creeping back up!! Remember, the goal is not to live on a diet! The goal is to follow the RIGHT diet to strengthen your metabolism, so you won’t have to!

Will my insurance cover the inStriv Plan?

  • While insurance typically does not cover most weight loss programs, inStriv can accept any HSA or FSA card for payment provided it has a visa or MasterCard insignia imprinted on it. Keep in mind, if your insurance provider does not offer this benefit, we also have a wide variety of payment options – both credit and non-credit based – that your specialist will discuss with you at the time of your consultation. Most clients find it easy to fit the cost associated with the inStriv plan into their budgets!

What is the price?

  • Great question!! But remember, inStriv is a customized plan…. So just like the plan is customized, so is the pricing! We would love to give you a price, but it is important that we give you the right price! This is why we offer free no obligation consultations. An inStriv Weight Loss Specialist will customize a program for you and go over all of the details associated with your plan – including your investment – at the time of your consultation.


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